Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Temporary Insanity...

I think I was drunk last night...I must've been. It feels like I was, but maybe I was drunk off something other than alcohol. All I know is I feel completely different now. Last night I wanted something, but now I'm kind of indifferent about it. Lol that'll probably change the second I see will. Anyway, I'm beginning to bore myself with all this boy crap so I've decided to stop being so impatient about things...whatever things are. It's like when you're drunk at a party and you know you're making a fool of yourself yet you don't stop. It's the morning after the party, and I'm tired of acting like an idiot. Today I have absolutly nothing to do, and it feels kind of good. My dad woke me up yelling as usual, and my mom wanted me to get her another book at Barnes. Nooooo. I do not want to go in there today, thankfully I called and they don't have it, I would've screamed. Oh and Mr. Anonymous who keeps leaving me comments, I know who you's cute.

I go to see you
Do you know it's me?
Can you see your reflection?
The way I can see?
You're so intriguingYou make me feel weak
I'd cross a thousand broken bridges
Just to hear you speak
Somehow you see right through me
You won't let me pretend
All I want to do is run away
I'm scared of how this will end
But something keeps on calling me
Maybe it's your voice
It's funny but the more I fight it
The more I know I have no choice...


Anonymous MR. Anonymous said...

Let me introduce myself… My name is MR. Anonymous and as some of you already know, I am “The Boy”… oh Crap! I like that.

I am tired of poetry and rhymes, and I bet you all are! How about some straight forward conversation. First of all Dark remembers light, the day they separated, they try to be friends, but can't. Dark doesn't like light, their friendship no longer exists. BUT!!! Night remembers the light of a newborn star. Night remembers how he held the little star, and now you can see the star, much bigger now for now it is the sun…..ahhhhh baby talk

We better stick to the nice words
nd rymes

Wed Mar 02, 11:11:00 PM 2005  

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